High Net Worth Individuals & Family Offices

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We advise various ultra-high net worth families on structuring and protecting their investments both in the U.S. and outside the U.S.  The proper structuring of the asset portfolio is crucial for wealth preservation for the next generation, as well as providing liquidity for current business needs and investments.  We also assist clients in cross-border financings both for particular investment projects and for expansion of existing business activities.  Given our international client base we have advised many private clients in all aspects of obtaining EB-5 investor “greencards” for their families.  We also advise our clients on other U.S. visa alternatives tailored to their specific personal and business needs.  Our approach to advising our clients on the EB-5 process is unique as we bring our business acumen and international expertise to provide a full service approach to this important and complex matter that goes far beyond immigration law.